Lois Pearce

As a child I learned early on that different cultures live differently. The style of their homes, the food they eat, and the way they celebrate are similar but the same. Going to school with children of diplomats of the United Nations I experienced some of their lifestyles just being with my classmates.

I believe you are where you are supposed to be and when I was exposed as a wedding planner to couples of various cultural backgrounds it clicked that my childhood experiences were preparation for my adult career.

I found researching culture for my clients became a passion. Finding ways to incorporate these traditions was easy and fun. Noting there was a need to share this information with my peers I was asked to write a book on ethnic and specialty weddings. 3 books later I wrote an updated version of the intial book and now enjoy speaking, writing, and helping businesses obtain new business by overcoming any faux pas as they market to a global community.

I am a wife, a mother of three daughters and have granddaughters and grandsons who add sparkle to my life. I don't have a lot of spare time because I am either reading, cooking, singing, active with church work or researching a way to expand the services of my business. My favorite scripture is "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." so I keep it moving - all the time!