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Over the years I have made smart choices and some not so smart business choices. This is your opportunity to jump start your business and shave a few years (and lots of dollars) off your learning curve by working with a Master Wedding Planner.

Your desire to become a wedding consultant is a few steps away...

"Down The Aisle Before The Bride" is a comprehensive wed.ding consultant training program. Select whether you want to receive training either one to one, in a classroom or online and then contact me at or 203-936-7730

Find out what a wedding consultant does and decide what you will do. End up with step by step advice to develop your business plan

What will you learn: What you need to do to set up your office. How will you make money? What should be in your contract? Learn how to determine how much it will cost to run your business. What is your marketing mission and how to achieve it for your business. Every bride is not your bride, how to determine the one for you. Creating an image that is "attractive". Making the impression, closing the sale. Managing your business instead of it managing you