Lois Pearce

Cultural behavior is an important tool to know in the world of business. If English is your native language, you may not recognize that other cultures may not interpret words the way you do. Your body language may make, or break, a sale. Let me help you.

Marketing to another culture is about words, body language, colors, presentation and an understanding. As an event planner, I have researched the nuances of various cultures, and marketing faux pas. This is transferrable information from event planning to main stream business. Let me help you.

Over the years I have made smart choices and some not so smart business choices as an event planner. If you have an interest in this career I am able to shave a few years (and lots of dollars) off your learning curve. Your desire to become a wedding consultant is a few steps away... Let me help you.

Let me help you share your marketing message without cultural faux pas. If you are seeking a career, or side hustle as an event planner or wedding consultant with over 30 years of experience I can help you move forward.

Contact me: info@loispearce.com